I was saved many years ago in a true revival, a historical outpouring of the presence of God. This makes me a revival baby. Once you have been marked by HIS presence in this type of atmosphere you are never the same.You are not only different but rare. 

In the rat race of church, Christianity and full time ministry I still find myself crying, screaming, longing and pleading for revival once again. Once you have been marked by HIS presence in true revival nothing else will ever satisfy you. 

You appear to others to be a little different and many will try to figure out what it is with you but at the end of the day your just a revival baby who laughs with joy for what God has done and weeps with tears knowing HE can do more. 

In 2016 there is going to be a regathering of those that have been touched with revival to once again plead for HIS true fire to fall. In 2016 God is going to send revival again all over our nation to those that have experienced it before and to those that have never experienced it. So start seeking, praying, fasting and positioning yourself for what is coming or miss it, it’s your choice. 

Revival baby crying for revival.