Elijah stopped for Elisha. He waited for him to burn his equipment and his livestock. Then he prepared a meal and fed his family, all while Elijah waited. 

We have been taught that Elisha chased Elijah and if you want to be mentored you have to chase the mentor.

I have been dealt with strongly by the Lord that Elijah stopped his whole life to wait for Elisha and then he made room for him To continue their life journey together. I don’t think we understand the level of sacrifice that was involved here.

I do believe that there is more participation from the mentor than we have been taught.

Fathering and mentoring is a joint effort on both parties.

Jesus did not wait on people to chase Him, He went after people and made such an impact on their lives that they left everything to follow Him, but the initial prompting and pursuing came from the Mentor. 

Maybe, just maybe we have selfishly and insecurely desired people to chase us when we are supposed to chase people. God forgive and help me mentor people. God, raise up spiritual fathers and teach us YOUR mentorship program.

Jesus fathered. His fathering, or mentoring program was made up of a few simple steps.

He taught them, He had them to watch him minister, then He sent them out to do what He did.

We can teach and let people watch us but we do not like to release people. I believe mainly because we are insecure leaders. We don’t want someone to be better than us because we are afraid our people will like them better than us. It’s time for us to go lower not higher and esteem others better than ourselves.

I believe that the deep, deep cry and strong desire that many of us have for a spiritual father is actually the push to become one. It is time to become what we have longed for and to chase after broken down sprirtual orphans and father them in the kingdom and raise up spiritual sons and daughters.