If Christians would unite under the banner of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we could guide this nation right into the blessings of God, yet, we continue to gather between four walls on a weekly basis to celebrate with people that think like we do. We celebrated our man made doctrines and the thought that we’re right and everybody else is wrong.  And while we are dancing around our common theologies, someone else is taking over our nation. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was never meant to be confined to four walls with people who think alike and think they’re right. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was meant to be taken into the streets of every city in the world, not confined to a building. It’s time for Christians to rise up in radical faith. Radical faith is normal faith. Almost all of the disciples of Christ died a radical martyrs death. How can religions that serve a dead god be more radical than those of us that serve a Living God. We rise up now or we may miss our time. If you are not willing to rise up in radical faith, stop complaining about the condition of our nation. It was founded on radical faith and will be apprehended once again by radical faith.