In Acts 1 we find an interruption to the flow of the plans of earth and heaven. There is a serious problem taking place, the problem, there is only eleven apostles and there is supposed to be twelve. God has planned the release of the New Testament Church by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the completion of the foundations of heaven.
The Bible says in Revelation 21:14 that the foundations of the walls of heaven have the name of the twelve apostles written on them. With the suicide of Judas, Heaven was left with an empty spot on one of its foundations. The apostle Peter rose up in Acts 1 and said WAIT…STOP…we can’t go any further until this is handled, there has to be a twelfth apostle added. Now here’s the interesting fact that I believe is life changing, the only criteria for the twelfth apostle was this, Peter said we need someone that has been here since Jesus came , stayed while HE came and went, and is still here today, In other words, He said we need someone that has been FAITHFUL.
Faithfulness was the only criteria for the twelfth apostle, not dead raising, not preaching, not church planting or any miracles just simply, faithfulness. So they chose a man named Matthias. Matthias’s name is written on the foundations of heaven because of his faithfulness. This was so important that it was handled before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. So it’s as if God allowed everything, including the first church plant to be placed on pause until HE made a point about faithfulness.
I believe that God is once again wanting to make a point about faithfulness. Since most people in America think two church attendances a month make them church attendees
, this needs to be addressed. God wants us to renew our faithfulness, get our priorities in line again. If we are going to be the last days, world changing, book of Acts church we need to get faithful.
Let’s start with church attendance. I am married to my wife, we are in covenant. But if I only came home once or twice a month, then our relationship would be weak and eventually over. Many people are in covenant with God, saved, but they only come home once or twice a month to visit HIM in HIS house. If this is the case for you, your relationship is weak and will get even weaker over time.
Faithfulness is important to Jesus, He said “zeal for Your house
Has consumed Me,”and, “when you see the last days, do not forsake the gathering together of yourselves.”
I believe this is a word from God that is burning in my heart. It’s time to make church attendance a priority again. It’s time to be radically faithful to God, His house, His people and His commission.
Faithfulness is the call of God in this hour. He needs people that have been here from the beginning until now.
God builds foundations on Faithfulness.
Stop the excuses and stir up your Biblical passion.
Say as Joshua said, “as for me and my house, we’re gonna be faithful to the things of God.”