The Good News
While we are busy gathering in our Christian arenas trying to impress one another with our gifts and talents, trying to prove to the right people how anointed we are, we are missing the true meaning and purpose of Christianity. We could be using our gifts, talents and anointings to reach people for Christ. It’s time to shut our mouths and extend our hands to serve people. People that do not know Christ could care less about titles and positions. The Gospel was never meant to be confined in a room with people that think alike, the Gospel is GOOD NEWS that transforms the most broken people in the world. Let’s get over ourselves, realize this is not about us and start loving, living and serving.
We can walk into a room full of Christians and prance around under our great titles and positions, but how many people are we leading to Christ personally, outside the walls of a church building? You see, ministry has a way of becoming a career. It’s not a career, it’s a way of life. When we put our talents on display so all our people can celebrate how awesome we are,what is the true benefit?
At church, we are EQUIPPED for Life and Ministry outside of church.
We come together to be EQUIPPED so God can use us outside the church setting in a dying world that needs the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.
We have the Good News that can change to whole world.
Let’s live it outside the four walls of safety and comfort.
God has EQUIPPED you, yes YOU! He wants to use YOU, yes YOU!
Let’s take the Good news to streets. Pay attention, you never know when God is sending you the ONE….