Desperation & Brokenness

As I study the prayer lives of men and women in the Bible I discover that they all had something in common, their prayers were fueled by desperation and brokenness. Our problem today is we have too many options, options that have removed desperation and brokenness. You will pray with desperation and brokenness when you realize God is all you have and HE is your only option.

Desperate Praying is the one church growth key you don’t learn at church growth seminars.

In the American church we have mastered excellence and entertainment. Every week we WOW congregations with our lights, technology, gifts and talents. I don’t believe these things are bad but unfortunately we have allowed these things to replace the prayer meeting and the anointing.

I believe with all of my heart that God is calling us to repent and return to desperate praying bathed with brokenness.

This kind of praying allows no room for the comforts and securities of my personality. This kind of praying stretches me to places I’ve never been before. It’s not the cute, closed hand silent whispers of the religious. It is the boldness of Moses to say I’m not going if you don’t go and then, SHOW ME YOUR GLORY LORD. It’s the endurance of Jacob that says “God, I’m not letting go of you until you bless me.”

It’s the passion of Hannah that’s willing to pray at church with so much passion that she was accused of being drunk.

I would like to say that this kind of praying requires me to put my passion on display and almost make a spectacle of myself.

God is calling us out of our religious boxes and into the arena of gut wrenching, hell shaking, heaven moving prayer.

Eliminate the options and excuses and realize that desperate praying is the only answer for America and the church. We have mastered programs, counseling, entertaining, and comforting people in the process of impressing and making friends. In the process we have forsaken our life line of true Gospel power in the earth, the prayer meeting.

It’s time to get yourself a prayer closet. Get alone with God and ask HIM to baptize you with desperation and brokenness. Ask God to refuel your prayer life with the fire of desperation and brokenness. We will begin to see the answers of the Bible when we begin to pray like they did in the Bible.