“Physical Wholeness”
There are so many great things happening at Love & Truth South. Since January we have seen 44 commitments to Christ and 8 water baptisms. We love to hear the constant testimonies of all the miracles that are taking place.
The greatest thing is happening right before our eyes, God is building a community. A community of loving, spirit filled believers that will go out and transform their man built community.
As we close out the first quarter of the year, we turn our focus to “Physical Wholeness”. What we have learned so far is simple, God desires for you to be whole, all of you. Physical Wholeness is very important to God and is a vital part to you and I fulfilling our destinies.
You see God wants to heal you physically and He wants you to take care of your body. God will release healing into your body, then. It’s our responsibility to steward the healing. It is also our responsibility to steward the “House of God” which is our bodies. 1 Corinthians 6 tells us that “Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.” That’s one of the greatest reasons to take care of our bodies.
Over the next 12 weeks we will be looking at healing, how to take care of our lives physically and the benefits of living a healthy life. I am very excited about this series because I believe that God is going to heal sickness, disease and restore health and wholeness. Every Wednesday night throughout this series we will be praying for the sick, so let’s pack out the house with those needing “Physical Wholeness”.
It is God’s will to heal you and it is God’s will for you to take care of your body.
We are also preparing for two services starting the first Sunday in April. We are preparing for the harvest, for those yet to come. It is time to make room. We believe that many people are about to come into the Kingdom of God so we are putting the proper structure in place. God is building a community, a community of love, acceptance, growth and wholeness.

I am adding a calendar of events so you can keep up with all that’s happening during the quarter of “Physical Wholeness”
1st – Tuesday L&T South Sky zone from 3-8. Tell the cashiers you’re with LTS

6th Sunday, we launch 2 services

13th Sunday 1 Year Celebration with Pastor Eddie Live

20th Sunday Easter, Pastor Chris Preaching


3rd Saturday 9:00am Tiffany Finney “Pour Me Some Juice” Raw food/Juice demo $15
10:00 amKendra Mills from One on One Fitness

10th Saturday 9:00amRomeo’s Recipes
10:00amZumba- Females only
Matt Hoover Maximum- Bootcamp/Combat Training Male

17th Saturday9:00amCorporate Prayer
Walk at Prayer

24th Saturday 9:00am Pastor Chris and Tami share healthy secrets
10:00am Kathie- Weight Class

31st Saturday10:00am Tina from D-180 Be Fit Bootcamp
June 28th 5k Benefit for Youth Town at Malesus Park