In Matthew chapter six there are three fleshly battles that Jesus warns us about.

In v.19-21 He says where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. So the first warning is dealing with your treasure and heart being corrupt and perverted.

In v.22-23 He tells us that the eye is the lamp of the body and if the eyes are good the whole body will be full of light or if the eyes are bad the whole body will be full of darkness. Jesus is dealing with what you allowing into your life has the potential to fill you with darkness or light, good or evil.

In v.24 He tells us we cannot serve two masters, God and money. You serve what you desire.

So the Lord is dealing with these three areas of the flesh

1. Heart

2. Eyes

3. Desires

Each one of these can cause major problems in our lives. Jesus presents us with a warning for these three areas but prior to the presenting of the problem He first gives us the solution. Before He warns of these three areas He teaches on Giving, Prayer and Fasting. This shows me that I can obtain victory over my heart, eyes and desires through Giving, Prayer and Fasting.


Giving, Prayer and Fasting are triplets. They go together and together they release a great level of spiritual power in our lives. If you want to take your Christian experience to the next level you must have these three ingredients.

We have a small understanding of each one of these areas and even a smaller commitment to them. If the American church would embrace these three elements with radicalism and faithfulness we would see Christianity take off with a new power in our nation.

One of the keys to giving, prayer and fasting is to have a target or an assignment. I always give my giving, prayer and fasting as assignment. For example, when I write my tithe check I always write in the memo section something like, “souls” or “wisdom” or “prosperity.” Now my seed has an assignment.

Do the same thing with prayer and fasting, have yourself a target. I like to call it target praying. I will say, “God, today I am fasting for wisdom or direction.” And you can do the same with your prayers. Set a target, Aim, then fire. Be sure of this, God will help you hit the target.


Pastor Chris Smith