Fast- to abstain from food for religious purposes.

Fasting has become a lost art in today’s church. Many people have never been taught the basic principles of fasting, much less the power that comes with it.

Fasting is not only for today, it is a commandment from Jesus. In Matthew 6:16 Jesus said “And when you fast.” You see He did not say IF you fast but WHEN you fast showing us that He expects fasting to be a part of our everyday lives. Christians should make fasting a regular part of their schedule. Get on a fasting schedule and watch and see what God will do.

If you are just not eating then you are basically starving yourself and not fasting. Fasting is a spiritual principal which means it must be approached spiritually. Always make sure when you are fasting that you are praying more than usual. Fasting and prayer are twin brothers that must go together. Fasting must be accompanied with prayer, Bible reading, worship and giving.

Since fasting is a Kingdom, spiritual and Biblical principal it must be entered into like everything in God’s Kingdom, by FAITH. When starting a fast always move into it with Faith, believing that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. As you fast, have faith to believe that GOD is your reward, more of Him and less of me. Fasting doesn’t mean that I get more of God, it means that God gets more of me and with that comes a greater experience with HIM.

Fast on.

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