Have you ever walked through a dry season?

For people of presence there is nothing more valuable than the tangible presence of God. We know that the word of God says we walk by faith and not by sight but oh how precious are those moments when God blesses us with His tangible touch.

Here is the question, what do you do during a dry season. How do you handle a dry season?

It’s been my experience over the last 19 years that every dry season has a reason. I have learned to embrace the dry seasons. God cannot fill a vessel that is already full so dry seasons come to empty us out and get us ready for the next filling of His presence. The Bible tells us that you can’t put new wine into old wineskins. Dry seasons stretch us and prepare us to handle the “MORE” of God. God is attracted to emptiness and brokenness. Remember, the potter’s wheel is not always about new clay being formed, sometimes the potter presses the clay back to nothing and reforms it. Dry seasons are the times that God is reforming and building character.

So how do I handle my dry season?

In 1 Kings 17 Elijah told the widow to “use her flour and oil to prepare him a cake of bread until the day the Lord gives rain on the land.”

In your dry season, use the flour and oil until God sends the rain. The flour was used to make bread and the bread represents the word of God. The oil represents the Holy Spirit. In other words, keep going to the WORD and the HOLY SPIRIT until the heavens pour out spiritual rain. Do what you know to do every single day because break through is coming and when it does it will be totally worth it.

If you are in a dry season now, please be encouraged and know that God is getting you ready for the rain.