Elijah was a man that experienced God’s supernatural provision. He partnered with God through his divine assignment and experienced great miracles in provision.

I believe God sill desires to bless us with supernatural provision and there are keys to living this life hidden in Elijah’s life. One of those keys is found in 1 Kings 17:2-4. God told Elijah to go “HIDE” in the Kerith Ravine, to drink from the brook and that He had “ORDERED” the ravens to feed him.

The key found here is “to hide”.

To hide means “to get in the secret place and receive covering”.

Got wants to be alone with you, see you must understand that intimacy and provision go together. Everything you need in life flows from intimacy with God. God had ordered Elijah’s provision but his detailed orders were discovered in the secret place.

Intimacy places a demand on God that is already met before you get to the secret place. God takes care of those who hide, that’s why the Bible says “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God”.

Here is the bottom line, you can’t have the benefits of relationship without a relationship. If I only came home to see my wife once a week for intimacy our relationship would not last very long. Many Christians only want relationship with God once a week.

Intimacy is one of the beauties of relationship and God wants to be close to you more than once a week.

If you are going to move into a lifestyle of provision you must first move into a lifestyle of “HIDING”, getting alone with God.

Before you move into your promise land you first move into the land of intimacy with God. God wants to bless you and pour out supernatural provision in life.

How do I move into a lifestyle of Supernatural Provision?

  1. Get alone with God
  2. Obedience – Do what God says, selfless, habitual, instantaneous obedience.
  3. Trust God- God is not like man or the systems of man, He will not fail you.
  4. Be willing to break old mindsets- poverty mindsets such as fear, worry, and greed.
  5. Take Action- stop waiting to be a giver.
  6. Be willing to walk into the refiner’s fire- God purify my character.