Intercession is the lost key to the kingdom of God.
Intercession does supernaturally what man tries to do naturally
Gifts talents and excellence have their place in the kingdom but when they take the place of the supernatural the church becomes out of balance
We then start building ministries in the flesh and what’s built in the flesh will have to be maintained in the flesh
Then we’re out of balance with what we are transferring into the next generation
We’re raising a generation that is not being trained in the spirit.

God spoke to me with this instruction;
never step in front of my people without 3 things;
1. The burden of God- His load, responsibility.
2. The anointing of God- His empowerment
3. The unction of God – His divine ability to release to others

why don’t we teach these to people?
You can’t give what you don’t have.

God shared with me these words; my leaders have forsaken the secret place.

These elements of the kingdom of God are only apprehended in the garden…’re garden, the secret place of prayer.
The Garden is where Christ died, not the cross and we too have to die to ourselves in the secret place.

Prayer is so important but Prayer must move to intercession.
Intercession is the key to growing the Kingdom, the lost key.
Out of all the Church growth conferences I have attended I have never heard one person teaching on prayer and intercession.

What the American churches need is a great awakening in prayer and intercession.

When pastors don’t pray their congregations won’t pray.

God send us a revival of prayer!