Are you struggling with where you are?

Don’t hate where God had you to locate.

Elijah had one purpose that he was able to fulfill through different avenues.

His purpose then is our purpose now; “To stand against wickedness and to stand for righteousness”.

Elijah was positioned in a wicked time of Israel. In 1 Kings 16 it tells us that King Ahab did more evil than any other king before him. He set up a temple for Baal worship and put up an Asherah pole.  People sacrificed babies and accepted all kinds of gross sexual activities. It was an extremely dark and demonic society. This was the NOW place that God sent Elijah into.

No matter where you are NOW, it is your NOW place. No matter how dark it is, it is your NOW place.

Let God use you and fulfill your purpose in your NOW place.

Stand against wickedness and stand for righteousness.

You are in a NOW place.